Sem Web Marketing

maximise the return on your investment

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We have experience in building brands and brand awareness. Even the greatest websites can easily get lost if it doesn’t generate traffic which converts to revenue on your website. We appreciate that costs can quickly escalate when marketing your website if not done carefully. We work with integrity to manage client expectations and work within your budget.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Is perhaps the most popular marketing strategy online. It works by organically improving your ranking in the search engines for a number of keywords and phrases. SEO is a long term strategy. It essentially works by us conducting keyword research in to which words are most searched for. We then consult with you to determine which words will result in the most profitability for you. We then optimise your website accordingly. Then we work continuously to get your website known across the internet.

Pay per click

For more immediate results than SEO. Can be greatly beneficial if done correctly and you have an urgent need for customers to visit your website sooner rather later. But can quickly become rather expensive. Have a chat with us and we will advise appropriately considering your return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing

We can help with bulk emailing prospective clients.

Social media marketing

We can help with marketing your business across the many social media platforms. Although always considering your ROI, we can give you the tools to do the social media marketing yourself.