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Information only websites (also known as digital brochures) mainly publish information about your products or services. But these differ from e-commerce websites because you are not able to purchase directly from the website. An information only website contains key information such as address and trading hours. Information only websites are usually between fourand seven pages. The aim of an information only website is to build trust between you and your site visitors.

If you are interested in building an information only website, we will lead you to build your own successful information only website through the following steps:

  • Every business needs an online presence in todays modern world. At the very least, you should have a way of customers getting to know about your business.
  • First of all, you have to know that information website usually has a few number of pages, so you need to determine clearly the main topics which you would like to be in your information only website. You also need to choose topics of your interests so that you can provide unique information about which makes you gain the trust of your visitors day after day.
  • All of the content displayed on your website should be unique, and we can help with that too. Unique content will also help with the marketing of the website and help with its ranking with the search engines.
  • Information only websites are always succinct and concise. The information if easy to find. They usually have a simple design and there is a lot of science behind the use of colours and fonts, so contact us and get our help in designing the website. We need everything to on the website to be easy to read.

We will help with the marketing of your website so that your customers can start building brand loyalty with you.

We will give you our suggestions and tips when we see fit. We want your business to continue improving.