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How to Make your Presence felt on the Web

Digital advertising, internet advertising or internet marketing or whatever you may name it; is pretty much  the same thing. It is a different way of saying “making your website more popular so that it attracts more people.”

Nowadays, advertising is an essential tool for the success of any business around the world. As far as the concept of digital advertising is concerned, if you see any advertisement on the internet, it’s referred to as digital advertisement. From banner ads to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online classified ads, email marketing, social media marketing, site takeovers, and even the SPAM, online advertising is becoming the leading advertising tool in the contemporary world.

With the availability of Smart Phones, digital advertising has spread to the mobile platform. Businesses are investing thousands of dollars trying to find a better and convenient method to advertise on the smart phones without creating an unhappy or disturbing experience for the consumers.

The new age of digital advertising

There are hundreds of forms of digital advertising; however, all these forms are originated from three main types of online advertisements. Undoubtedly, all the ads you come across on the web are paid by one of these three major types:

PPC (pay per click)

It is also known as pay per click advertisement. In this form of advertising, target keywords are highly important. The advertiser displays the ad and the consumer clicks the ad and then the advertiser has to pay per click (It really does what it says). However, it is not necessary that the client or consumer purchases or utilizes a deal under this form of the advertisement. PPC may not neccessarily convert to revenue so should be used with much thought and planning.

<h2>CPA (cost per action)                                                                     

In this form of advertisement, the publisher of the ad bears all the risks. The advertiser has to only pay the publisher at times when someone clicks and also completes a transaction. It is quite clear that it’s better than the first form; however, it also depends upon the choice and the requirement of the advertiser. The main reason is the nature of the business to select a particular form of online advertisement.

CPM (Cost per Mile)

In this type of online advertisement, the advertiser pays for exposure based on visitors to the website and the number of the people who actually see the ad. For instance, if a certain site has 2 M visitors in a day, and we assume that the ad has been seen by 50% of those pages, then we say that the CPM of $3 would be equal to £3000. It is also known as CPT (Cost per Thousand).

New types of digital marketing

The popular online advertising types are:

Face book ads

Banner ads

You tube ads


Sponsored Tweets

Email Marketing

Website Takeovers

Pop ups

And many more!

Final thought

The world is changing and, as a business manager or entrepreneur, should you change or should you stick to the old methods of the advertisement. Well, the answer is clear; you must happily welcome and adapt new methodology of advertisement. It will surely help you to provide a better quality of service to your increased customer base and hence increase your revenue. If you have any doubts or you want any help, our staff is always ready to help you in all respects. We will give you a road map about your online advertisement campaign and you can reach millions of potential clients on the web. So please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.



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