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Despite the fact that the competition in the world of online business and trade has become much more complicated and highly competitive, business owners are continuously trying hard to find new lines of attack to overthrow their potential competitors and rising business contenders. Of course, they want to go sky-high concerning sales, revenue and hence maximizing their profit. Undoubtedly, a comprehensive and powerful email marketing campaign is necessarily the primary solution, and this can only be done through the services of digital marketing.

Why Email Marketing is so Essential in Current Time

If you ask the online marketing specialists and common readers about which is the most effective and result oriented online marketing strategy in this current time, they’d reply with email marketing to be on the top. As far as the online marketing icons and experts are concerned, they say that all the business owners should be more focused in making most of their email marketing campaigns in 2017 to keep up with the upcoming technological advancement and marketing trends in the digital world. Let me share some secret insights.


Focus More on Mobile-Friendly Email Designs

With the advent of the smart phone, now people have a craze of using mobile phones nowadays. Also, people are now turning to wearable android gadgets. Due to increased use of these wearable gadgets, businesses must formulate the email designs which are compatible and easily accessible on these devices.

Use Email Animations

Email marketing experts have observed the popularity of animated images. So, it’s best to captivate recipients with animated gifts that are downloadable. Vibrating live animations integrated with the email campaigns will prove amazing to entice audiences in the year 2017.

Integrating Videos in the email marketing campaign

Technology already allows you to embed videos in to the emails. So you must take advantage of this luxury. You can embed videos in the email ads with the HTML5 and recipients would have to click the links from the emails to be able to watch the videos.

Use the Predictive Intelligence

You can now use the predictive intelligence to target your potential customers. You should analyze your potential client’s previous response to the emails, their profiles, interest and behaviour. In this way, you’ll be able to target your consumer precisely and accurately according to their whims and their desires. It’ll help you to avoid wasting time in creating and running email campaigns.

Use of Social Media

You can use the power of the social media to enhance valuable subscribers in your email list. It is one of the best recommendations of experts to use this free tool.

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The Double opt-in Strategy

You can also send an empty email to a specific email address as part of a certain brand’s email scheme. It triggers the opt-in confirmation to activate the recipients’ subscription. It’ll be done by only a single click.

Final Thought

Being a marketing agency, we recommend the email marketing as the prime advertising tool in the year 2017. It is a proven strategy which yields 100% results. Looking forward to see your comments!

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Meta: Email marketing in 2017 will see new trends. This article will help you learn new tactics about email marketing in the year 2017.


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